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About Us

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Peaksmart Marketing Inc. is a digital large format printing company founded with the aim of introducing innovation, high quality production and excellence in customer service to the print and manufacturing business here in the Philippines.

Opening as Image Analysis in 2001, with only one printer and five employees, the company quickly grew and grew, donning the name Peaksmart Marketing Inc. . All throughout the years, the company was created to serve the continuously growing market that needs innovative, quality and on time services.

With the years of experience our company has, we have taken our best practices and principles and continue to use them today. We have taken the principles of openness, along with the ideals of transparency, which we subsequently merged, with the wealth of creative and technical resources that exists in our company in order to get a streamlined as well as an efficient development process, which has been tried and successfully tested over the many years we have been in operations.

Through rigorous searching and training, we boast some of the most experienced and creative staff in all large printing companies. We have a continuously improving system that assures service and products that are on time, customer-friendly and are of course, of the highest quality.

Our technical and efficient approach reflects our dedication to the ongoing advancements in digital large format printing and other advertising related merchandise. We have proven our ability to bring client’s visions into reality. We build displays of all types utilizing our expertise in digital large format printing to guarantee lasting impressions. We also offer complete services locally to give show-stopping results for events and tradeshows.

Peaksmart Marketing Inc.´s mission is to deliver an uncompromising level of personalized service to our customers by continually improving our products, services and ensuring that a "customer first" approach is adopted at all times.


Essential to our success is the continual investment in technology and personnel. We have superb quality printing and finishing equipments, a fully integrated system and all the application software packages required to support our clients.

The right technology is of course nothing without the experience, commitment and expertise of our staff. We have molded our company to have reliable service with the most reasonable prices in the business. You can take comfort in our technical know-how, professional working attitude and pragmatic approach to problem solving.

We have a number of clients who are graphics professionals looking for a reliable disk-to-print bureau. Additionally we have clients who rely on us to recommend solutions for their display requirements helping them complete the idea they could not initially put down on paper. These same clients, look to us to produce the final product for the exhibit and/or event.